Thursday, May 04, 2006

I am back

I got back on Monday from India. I am slowly catching up with things. I must have got some sort of bug on my way back as I have been feeling pretty grotty for the past few days. The weather in Chennai was too hot. The temperatures were soaring and touching 105 degrees. May be I have got a touch of that hot sun. My head keeps aching and my limbs too and I have lost appetite. Keep wanting to drink something as my throat keeps drying up. So I am trying to drink lots of water and juice.

My trip to Sorrento was wonderful. We had a great time going around the Amalfi coast and visiting Pompei. The scenary is absolutely stunning. Have many photos and I will post them a bit later when I feel up to it.

For now I have a picture of the handmade paper that I bought in India. The cream one is made with banana leaves and the other two have boughgenvillia(wrong spelling) leaves embedded in it they are lovely.

My sitting room at last has curtains. Not a good photo but here it is anyway.

Will post more once I am up to it.

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Isabelle said...

Hello dear Shashi! It's so good to see you back. But I'm sorry you've been unwell. Hope you'll be your own healthy self very soon!
That paper is gorgeous, and so are your windows!
((((hugs)))) I'm happy we can be in touch again! I missed you, my friend :)