Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pottery and heads

Well I have not been doing anything very interesting lately. So many other things on my mind. Just showing you a couple of heads of which one is for a swap and the other for a project I can't tell you about yet. Some hand made pottery that I got from Italy. I liked those very much as they were hand made by this artist who litterally worked behind the shop front. I saw many pottery shops but they all seemed to be made commercially. These have the natural blemishes that one would expect when they are hand made which makes it all the more interesting and quaint. The artist has taken some of the designs from old Roman tile patterns that were found in some ruins.


Judi said...

Oh no .. not a secret project ... I would guess it's either a class or a magazine article ...

Your faces are so pretty - you do have a style that is all your own!

Love the pottery too!

Isabelle said...

Your faces are wonderful, Shashi! I especially like the smaller one - so impish :) I agree with Judi, you have such a unique style.

Your pottery is gorgeous. Like you I am fascinated by craftsmanship. This is why we chose to go to Essaouira in Morocco, as it is known for its crafts and you could see the craftmen at work. Those articles you brought back from Italy are just fantastic.

Hope you have a wonderful week and I do hope we can meet in Paris next Monday! :)

Isabella said...

That pottery is lovely- love the colors. And what great faces- can't wait to see the dolls you creat to go with the heads.

Bear said...

I adore the pottery you picked up in Italy - its so beautifuol and so much more meaningful in that you bought it from the actual artist!!!
And I adore your faces darling - I agree with the comment above that the second face is impish looking - oh whats up that you is having se3crets - cant wait to hear wots going on - and the latger face is just as gorjas- you really do the loviliest faces dear friend!@!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox