Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Today will be probably be the last day of blogging before I go on my holidays.

I dyed these silk pieces for costuming the doll I am doing in Patti's online class. Somehow the colours are not what I wanted them to be. I think I will use the one with some green in it. I will probably trim off some of that yellow. I would have liked some red in it too but now I have run out of that colour as I made the purple with it. I should have got more of this dye but since I don't know much about dyes I decided I would try them out with starter packs. The silk catches the dyes very well and I used Colorhue dyes as Patti suggested.

Tomorrow I am off to Italy and then to India. I am looking forward to some warm weather. It has been freezing the last few days over here.


Zoanna said...

Shashi, I haven't dropped by for a while. Sorry! I totally missed the pictures of your beautiful, new kitchen. Wow. I am really jealous. Isn't it worth the mess and wait??!!
Tell us about your trip to Italy and India. AGain, jealous. Maybe that's what I haven't been around lately. Just kidding. Blessings to you.

Bear said...

Oh Shashi
I love your dyed fabric- its brilliant- and I would love to see the costume when its finished please??
and the piccies of the trip to Italy are wonderful- looks like it was brilliant weather for you- and to have seen Pompei and the history of the place- one of my favourite areas of history subject when I was at school- and to see that piccie of the people as they were caught by the lava flow- it makes it all the more real to me- thank you very much for these pics darling- and I know you had a great time tootling around Italy!!love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox