Sunday, April 09, 2006

Patti's class DIP

Here is my Doll in progress which I am making with Patti Culea's on line class.
Today I got to work on her. Had fun dyeing her. I have never dyed a doll before. I used the Procoin dye and got fed up of trying to figure out the proportions to make up all the solutions. I guess I was being a bit lazy as I mixed the dyes not strictly as instructed, so at first the colours came out a bit light so had to add more colour to make it bright it turned out ok. Next time I will use Dy na flow colours which don't need any mixing and are not messy. I then used Lumiere for stamping and which came out fine. I had lots of problems with embossing. I either burnt the glitter or blew the glitter away. I think I must have got more glitter on me than on the doll! Well I am slowly getting the hang of it though. Perhaps I will try paint than the glue for the glitter next time.

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Judi said...

This is interesting - can you tell me a little more. I would never have thought to uses the Procion dyes for direct dyeing. I have only used them to dye fabric - which has to be washed afterwards.

About the glitter - I think you have to put the heat gun at an angle so you don't blow it all away. Kind of like laying down next to it. Not straight down on it.