Sunday, September 25, 2005

My trip

Well I got back from India last week and now I am ready to show you some pictures I took of my doll workshops. I did 2 workshops one was for beginners and the other for a bit more advance class. The attendance was a bit disappointing because of festival and marriage and exam season. However the ladies who did come were very enthusiastic and so very talented.
here are some pictures of the beginners

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The very talented ladies of beginners class with their completed dolls

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Isabelle said...

Hmmm... Maybe my favourite is the one in the golden dress. I love the fluffiness of the fabric, and her face looks serene and happy!
(it makes me think of a character in the book I study for my PhD - she is repeatedly described wearing a dress of "golden tissue"... That character is evil, but she looks like an angel!
But then she's blonde, and I'm sure dark-haired women like that doll, like you or me, are nicer ;o) (just kidding of course)