Friday, September 23, 2005

Beautiful gift

I have been very quite since I got back from India as I am really busy trying to finish my Gypsy Challenge doll before the due date and pack it and send it off. So I have not had a chance to up load any pictures. I was going to do it last night but couldn't find the connectors for the camera dugh!
However I must share this with you I had a beautiful gift brought to me this morning by the postman. My friend Isabelle from Paris sent me a lovely handmade purse and book mark and a kimono pattern. Isabelle thank you so much I will treasure the gift it is absolutely beautiful. I think I will just look at it and not use it as I am afraid it might collect dirt if I handle it too much. I love the beautiful delicate embroidary. I again promise to take a picture and show you all. I will sit down and read the instructions tomorrow. I glanced through it and I think I can get the gist of it and your little notes are very helpful. I am sure with those in one hand and my dictionary in the other I can manage to translate most of what is written.

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